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Night Gallery is pleased to present Interlocking, an exhibition of sculptures by Julia Haft-Candell. The exhibition will be on view in our outdoor exhibition space and online beginning on September 19th, 2020. Inspired by the science fiction writing of Ursula K. Le Guin and Octavia E. Butler, Haft-Candell’s ceramics emerge from a fictional world imagined by the artist which she refers to simply as “the infinite.” Within this world the artist builds elaborate systems of symbols as a way to understand our current moment. By creating her own extensive glossary she offers insight into the failures of language in a turbulent time. This ongoing project which began in 2017 has continued to grow into a sprawling lexicon which includes the Interlocking forms in this exhibition.

Suddenly, This Summer Oct 26 & 27, 8:30 PM @ PAM

5810 1/2 North Figueroa St. Los Angeles

Working from an interest in terrifying subject matter and bad behavior, Amanda Horowitz adapted scenes from Tennessee William’s lurid melodrama of Dionysian murder, Suddenly, Last Summer, sometimes even playing Tennessee herself. Performed by Arne Gjelten and Laura Stinger, the performance opens into a contemporary fantasy world of of psychotic late night television, country music ballads, and confessions of a first-time meat eater. It’s a mixture of hysteria, camp theatricality, and personal storytelling, where everyone wants to both be the killer and save the killed.

Written + Developed by Amanda Horowitz

Performed by Arne Gjelten, Laura Stinger, and featuring Amanda Horowitz

Ceramic Props by Julia Haft-Candell

Chelsea, NY October 25- 27, 2019, The Caldwell Factory

above image: Julia Haft-Candell, Water, 2019, Screen print on paper, 10 x 14 inches, edition of 10

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