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Dissolving Margins at Dreamsong in Minneapolis

October 29-December 10, 2022

Dreamsong is pleased to announce Dissolving Margins, a two-person exhibition featuring sculpture by Julia Haft-Candell and recent paintings by Maria Kozak. The exhibition title references an Italian term central to Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan Novels ‘smarginatura,’ translated as ‘dissolving margins’ by Ann Goldstein, and described as “the sensation of moving a few fractions of a second into a person or a thing or a number of a syllable, violating its edges.”

Dissolving Margins highlights conceptual and formal reverberations between Kozak and Haft- Candell’s distinct practices. In particular, both artists undermine hard binaries by imagining hybrid forms. Kozak, working in oil paint, and Haft-Candell in ceramic, upend the delineation of stable categories through embracing ambiguity and porous borders. In sensuous oil paintings and ceramic sculptures that that trace the body while gesturing towards abstraction, forms seep, bleed and interlock through the alchemy of touch.

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